Weekend Midday Menu

Grass-Fed (Award-Winning) Cheeseburger  16
kimchee Russian dressing, Emmantaler, KT&T fries
add fried egg +2

KT&T Housemade (from scratch) Two Sausages of the Day  22

Crispy Fried Half Chicken  20  (Sunday only)
  housemade cole slaw, trio of Hot Sauces

Naco Mama’s Taco – Red Chile Beef 2/per
white corn tortillas, creama, avocado salsa (Sunday only)

Mesclun Salad, red wine vinaigrette  10 (v)
add smoked tuna rillettes crostini +5
add goat cheese crostini +4

KT&T House-Made Fries 6 (v)

Marinated Olives  5

Housemade Bread and Butter Pickles  5



Oaxaca Fresca  10
Mescal Vida , St. Germaine, orange juice, cava

Reputa the Beauta 11
Scarlet Ibis Rum, orgeat, lime, hefeweizen

Green Chile Michelada 7
house-made green Chile sauce, lime, Bohemia Lager

NOTE:  Our Bar is open all day